Scuba Dive Testimonials

My sons and I were on a scuba excursion with you last week. I am trying to identify the type of ray we say while we were snorkeling. It was approximately 36 inches in diameter with a long thin tail about 12 feet long. We were in about 10 to 15 feet of water. The ray had a well defined head. The top surface was about 50/50 white and blue in asymmetric pattern. What we saw of bottom appeared to be white. Upon arriving home we searched the Internet looking at pictures but still cant identify it. It was definitely not a well defined pattern such as the pictures of spotted eagle rays that we saw online. Any ideas of what this was.

In any regard thanks for making my children's first scuba (scuba) dive a pleasant experience!

  --- Joel - January 2013

Lobster DivingHey Amy. Thanks for the hook up with Russell who in turn hooked us up with captain CC. We did 2 dives yesterday and had such a great experience. CC took us to his dive spots and we caught 6 lobsters all about 4 1/2 lbs each. No fish big enough to spear but such a great day of diving!

Thanks again

  --- November, 2012

Really enjoyed learning to scuba & spend the day together. You made it fun, and we got a lot out of all the time in the water and at the beach.

Great job, thanks for being such a great hostess!

Maybe we’ll see you again someday… If your adventures ever cause you to wander up to Milwaukee, look us up ;)

  --- Tom, LueAnn and Family  Milwaukee, WI  March, 2011

I don't know whether you remember me but I brought my son down to St. Thomas, and you gave him scuba lessons. He qualified and received his certification. The year before you had taught both my older son Wally Jr. and I and we were certified. We are all thinking about returning to St. Thomas and we want to take some dives with you. Are you available? We would like to stay at the same place.


   ---  Wally, December, 2010

Thank you so much for a great diving experience on Sunday. What a special way to spend Easter Sunday! Taylor & I really enjoyed the day and you are a patient and attentive teacher! What a beautiful world you introduced us to. Thanks again and we hope to see you next year - we'll e looking for you!

  --- Kathy and Taylor , April, 2010

Dive with AquaAmyHere are two photos of your beach sign from Oct. 31, 2009 when I dived with you. Thanks for a great dive.

Take Care,

   ---  Steve - October, 2009

Good Morning Amy. This is Randy and Henry, we were there on the Monday of September 1, 2009 and we had a GREAT time diving, you are a Great teacher and we will always have a desire to come back, and of course we now are HOOKED on diving and are planning a trip in the near further. I hope you do remember us, remember Henry is the one that was a BIG MAN that had all the muscles, and I was the one that you were concerned about the weight belt not staying on because you said I didn't have a BUTT (By the way I think he has a good looking BUTT- His Wife) just joking.

Thanks for the Great experience on our 1st dive

   ---  Thanks Randy, September, 2009

Remember me its been awhile. I have 2 weeks vac. yet to take this year 1 for a cruise and maybe one for some more dive training. I would like to get my Master diver or Dive master. I have my Advanced let me now what you think.

   ---  Darren February, 2009

Hello Amy,

We had such a great time with you on St. Thomas. Be assured, we'll send any dive-friends going there your way!!

Thanks for making it fun. Also, thanks for helping me get Karen home ... that wild child! Here some pictures I took on the trip ... I need a strobe light badly ... ordering one now ... it was too dark to get good shots of the turtle with my little automatic flash ... bummer. But GREAT memories.

Take care,

   ---  Anja, North Carolina - February, 2009


SUP / Paddling Testimonials

My boyfriend and I rented a board from you the other day. It was great meeting you! Thanks for letting us rent your boards!

   --- Lisa, Bend, OR April, 2012

SUP with AquaAmy
You took some pictures of 2 old guys (Wes and Jack)  trying to get up on a paddle board last week at Coco Beach. We tried in vain to get up on the Board.

Thanks for all the fun... hope to see you again when were back in the islands.

---  Jack, March, 2012